The Super Bowl is to the compulsive gamblers what New Year’s Eve is to the alcoholic

The Super Bowl is to the compulsive gamblers what New Year’s Eve is to the alcoholic,” says Arnie Wexler, CCGC a leading expert on the subject of compulsive gambling and a recovering compulsive gambler himself.

“I have spoken to more compulsive gamblers than anyone else in America in the lat 45 years and have gotten hundreds of phone calls after the Super Bowl from compulsive gamblers,” Wexler says. “Some have spoken about embezzlements, white-collar crimes and destroying themselves and their families. Others were so desperate that they were contemplating suicide.

“Compulsive gamblers are very vulnerable during the SUPER BOWL because they are looking for the “get out bet or lock bet,’

What happens is if somebody made money during the year betting football, then you plunk it all down to make it a big win,” he said. “If you’ve lost money during the season on football you want to get even. So this is the get-out bet for football.”

“With so much hype on that game. Compulsive gamblers are especially vulnerable during the NFL postseason because they’re looking for the sure bet, and the media will tell every thing about the game you will even find out what color fingernails the quarterback’s wife has, they’ll cover every angle you could possibly think of. So even people in recovery get juiced up at this particular time.”

You would think the media would use a hotline # for gamblers who might need help for a gambling addiction like 1- 888 LAST BET

According to the National Gambling Study Commission, there are 5 million compulsive gamblers and 15 million at risk in the U.S.

Arnie Wexler is a recovering compulsive gambler who placed his last bet on April 10, 1968. Wexler has been fighting the injustice of how sports, society and the judicial system deal with compulsive gamblers for the last 45+ years. He and his wife run a national help line: 1-888-LAST BET.

Arnie can talk to you about gambling addiction, recovery and where and how to get help.

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